The practice prides itself in the use of a hands-on approach in the assessment and treatment of the various conditions.
Treatment involves the use of a variety of physiotherapy techniques including mobilsation, manipulation, myofascial release, massage, acupressure and acupuncture.
Electrotherapy modalities ( ultrasound, TENS, and Laser) are used when required.

Soft tissue injuries involving muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments respond well to physiotherapy and can be treated successfully with physiotherapy.
Physiotherapy aids in the rehabilitative process following orthopaedic and spinal surgery and both spinal and peripheral conditions respond well to physiotherapy intervention.

Pain, stiffness, weakness and even fatigue can affect the individual's performance in sport ( competitive and recreational) as well as in normal activities of daily living (ADL).
Physiotherapy assists in addressing these problems by improving and optimising suppleness and strength as well as addressing any biomechanical imbalances.
This serves to enhance the individual's sport performance as well as performance at work and at home.

Commonly treated human and animal conditions

  • spinal problems ( including stiff and sore backs and necks)
  • headaches (humans)
  • muscle imablances and weakness
  • soft tissue injuries and stiffness
  • orthopaedic  and neural conditions
  • post operative surgical conditions
  • degenerative joint diseases
  • gait abnormalities/ lameness
  • compensatory problems
  • preventative physiotherapy/ maintenance